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Dear Guests, make yourselves comfortable and enjoy my renewed website. Visit the rooms, explore the links, and get in touch with me. I love to hear from you. The links below will take you to my latest ventures. Enjoy.

‘Aunt Ida’ was conceived after I found the photograph in a family album. It needed a story. That much I knew, but I couldn’t quite find a way until I went to the launch of Felylalanine Publishing, a publishing company that exists on line only. The idea of the sequence of Aunt Ida verses was born. You can find it on Facebook but you can also order hard copies. $7 Canada and USA  / $10 overseas (Canadian dollars). Just send me an email and I’ll ship it to you:


This is what one reader said: ‘Thank you for the pleasure of ‘Aunt Ida’. Your deconstruction of the image pieced together through words formed the perfect sentence/story. It has stayed on my mind. Beautiful.’  Barbara Robinson


‘I love ‘Aunt Ida’. Such a picture we get, in a few words and a picture worth over a thousand! Hints of a life full of domestic drama and moment - and yearning for the genius deferred.

I hope her reaching hands eventually got back to the beloved, abandoned piano.’  Mary Taslimi

My story ’Leia’s Choice’ won an honourable mention in the 2016 Ten Stories High competition of the Canadian Authors Association -Niagara branch. It has been published in the Ten Stories High Anthology Volume 16. You can order a copy from their website.


This poem is published by

Quick Brown Fox.

Reading at Eden Mills 

Writers Festival 2015.

13 August 2015

Young Girl Staring

Out to the North Sea

This poem is published by

Vocamus Press, Guelph.

Reading at

Jordan Art Gallery.


14 February 2016


Photo: Harold Sikkema

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A bit about myself


I grew up in Flanders, Belgium. As a young adult I came to Canada and adopted the English language. I live in Guelph, Ontario, where together with my husband I raised three children. Between work and raising a family, I attempted to honour my creative impulse. Amongst the jobs that had their deepest impact on me were a stint at a home for developmentally delayed adults and a decade and a half at a couple of shelters for abused women and their children.


Besides holding a Belgian degree in Social and Cultural Work, I attained a Master's of Arts from Queen's University. My subject: literature of the English speaking world.


Now that I am retired, I devote most

of my time to writing. I take part in Brian Henry's intense writing workshops (Quick Brown Fox) and I also take part in a monthly writer's group in Guelph and a monthly poetry group organized by Vocamus.


I would love to hear from you: