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My dear brother, Ludo Cammaert, who is the builder of this website died last year in September and it has taken me some time to redirect my artistic endeavours without him there supporting me, helping me, and working with me. He is missed by all those who had the benefit of his love. His legacy lives on, in the artwork he left behind. He also lives on in his children and grandchildren, who are very dear to me. Manu, Ludo’s oldest son, has generously offered to take over the management of my website.

< 10.2018

I continued to be productive in my work.


I was judge in the short story contest at the Elora Writers Festival and the poetry contest at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival. I continue to be active with Guelph’s Vocamus Writers Community. On 19 September 2018 I was the featured artist at Silence Open Mic.   


I placed three poems in ArtAscent. Little Hands, Art Ascent, April 2018, Quinten’s Song, Art Ascent, December 2017 and Lepanto, Art Ascent, June 2017


I placed the poems Ar***t Macht Frei and Longing in the 2017 and 2018 The Rhapsody Anthology and I also placed a poem in the 2017 volume of The Banister.


Last spring I completed my Creative Writing Certificate with the University of Guelph.  I also continued to take on-line courses in creative writing with the University of Iowa and the California Institute of the Arts.


You can also find a new folder in my Dark Room: Lost Dreams. If you enjoy my picture, you can follow me on Instgram.


Bieke Stengos


Wish I too could bend

my course, on a calm sea

and reach without effort

where rays slant

to a distant horizon.


Wish I too could gather

stars, shimmering on the water

and reach without effort

what has been polished

by rougher waves.


Wish I too could sail

away, under heavenly clouds,

and reach without effort

my longed for


< 06.2017

The last few months have been productive…


Check out the June 2017 ArtAscent issue. It has my poem "Lepanto 2016”

on page 74:


I was reading poetry  

at Guelph Spoken Word. Grounded: Relationships With Out Land Base  

and at the In The Soil, Arts Festival, Mahtay Café, St. Catharines, ON

• The Best Woman was

  published in ArtAscent, Arts

  & Literary Journal, August



• Young Girl staring out to the

  North Sea was published in

  Rhapsody, 2016, Vocamus


• Old Love was published in

  The Banister, Niagara Poetry

  Anthology, 2016

• Adagio was published in

  Xaggera, Fall, 2016



I published five poems and a short piece

• A Last Gift was published in You are not alone,  52 Stories of Hope, One Thousand

  Trees, 2016

• A Morning Like Any was published in the Writers Abroad Magazine, The Third Space,

  Issue 5, November 2016,

‘Aunt Ida’ was conceived after I found the photograph in a family album. It needed a story. That much I knew, but I couldn’t quite find a way until I went to the launch of Felylalanine Publishing, a publishing company that exists on line only. The idea of the sequence of Aunt Ida verses was born. You can find it on Facebook but you can also order hard copies. $5 Canada and USA  / $10 overseas (Canadian dollars). Just send me an email and I’ll ship it to you:


This is what one reader said: ‘Thank you for the pleasure of ‘Aunt Ida’. Your deconstruction of the image pieced together through words formed the perfect sentence/story. It has stayed on my mind. Beautiful.’ Barbara Robinson


‘I love ‘Aunt Ida’. Such a picture we get, in a few words and a picture worth over a thousand! Hints of a life full of domestic drama and moment - and yearning for the genius deferred.

I hope her reaching hands eventually got back to the beloved, abandoned piano.’ Mary Taslimi


‘Tant’Ida’, a Dutch translation of Aunt Ida, Fenylalanine Publishing, 2016, FP22


I took two courses in Creative Writing 

I finished my third certificate course, How Writers Write Fiction, Storied Women,  a MOOC of The University of Iowa NovoEd. 

and I finished also my third course toward a certificate in Creative Writing with the University of Guelph.


You also can find a lot of new pictures in My Dark Room 

Tinos, the Greek island where the writing of poets is on the walls, and doors,

  and shutters.

• Pireaus Greece

• From my bench

< 09.2016

My story ’Leia’s Choice’ won an honourable mention in the 2016 Ten Stories High competition of the Canadian Authors Association -Niagara branch. It has been published in the Ten Stories High Anthology Volume 16. You can order a copy from their website.


This poem is published by

Quick Brown Fox.

Young Girl Staring

Out to the North Sea 

This poem is published by

Vocamus Press, Guelph.

Reading at Eden Mills 

Writers Festival 2015. 

13 August 2015

Reading at

Jordan Art Gallery.


14 February 2016


Photo: Harold Sikkema

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A bit about myself


I grew up in Flanders, Belgium. As a young adult I came to Canada and adopted the English language. I live in Guelph, Ontario, where together with my husband I raised three children. Between work and raising a family, I attempted to honour my creative impulse. Amongst the jobs that had their deepest impact on me were a stint at a home for developmentally delayed adults and a decade and a half at a couple of shelters for abused women and their children.


Besides holding a Belgian degree in Social and Cultural Work, I attained a Master's of Arts from Queen's University. My subject: literature of the English speaking world.


I attained a Master of Arts (English) at Queen’s University. I also have a Certificate of Creative Writing from the University of Guelph, and I have taken on-line creative writing courses with the University of Iowa. I am also active in Guelph’s writing community through Vocamus Press.


I would love to hear from you: